1st Early Music Academy at the Palace of Gödöllő

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Within the frame of the 1st Early Music Summer Academy at Gödöllő – held between the 30th of July and the 5th of August, 2018 – we kindly invite all of those musicians over 14, who are insterested in performing early music orchestral and chamber music repertoire the ‘historically’, or ‘stylistically‘ correct way.
Since the course’s main
 aim is to work out an “authentic” string orchestra sound, we mostly expect string and keyboard players to apply, however any other instrumentalists or even singers are welcome, since the opportunity to form any type of chamber groups is endless!
Application is possible both with historic and/or modern instruments, too!


Teachers of the course:

Szabolcs Illés – baroque violin, strings, Fanni Edőcs – harpsichord, basso continuo and Julianna Bereczki – harpsichord, piano, basso continuo.

The summer academy closes by a final concert with pieces chosen from the repertoire studied during the week.

Attendance fee
– for private individuals: 70 EUR
– for ensembles with at least three members: 50 EUR/per person
– for bigger groups: 30 EUR/per person

which contains the following:

  • orchestra rehearsals (minimum 4 hours a day)
  • participation in chamber music groups and chamber music lessons
  • private instrumental lessons
  • opportunity for playing on “authentic” violin-family instruments (early violin, viola, tenor viola, bass violin)
  • chamber music and private lessons with basso continuo
  • free entrance for course-concerts and lectures during the week
  • basically endless opportunity for (private) practise time

Daily ticket for passive students: 20 EUR

Besides the professional programs of the course (so like lunch/dinner/free time about town) we do not guarantee supervision of the young students (under 18s), therefore we ask those parents whose child is under 18 and applies to the course to send us a consent form to [email protected], acknowledging they understand the risks.

Accomodation: close to the palace. Accomodation fee: 15 EUR/per person/night.
We ask those, who would like to be in the same room together to inform us about this on the online application form.

Application can be done through this online form. Deadline of applications: May 30th, 2018