Although Jeunesses Musicales Hungary’s international parent organization is Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), it enjoys full autonomy beyond the international projects. The Hungarian program, which exists since 1965 – which is already a little over 50 years – could claim such students among its members as the internationally acclaimed clarinet artist Kálmán Berkes who holds a Liszt Prize, Miklós Szenthelyi, the violin artist holding both the Kossuth and the Liszt Prizes, or Dezső Ránki and the late Zoltán Kocsis, both holders of two Kossuth prizes and a Liszt Prize respectively. Jeunesses Musicales Hungary’s goals have always fell into the steps of Jeunesses Musicales International, but it has always made sure it takes these steps by applying the Hungarian peculiarities to them.

Currently the association is engaged in the following main activities:

– supporting and introducing young people with special talents in the world, jazz, folk and classical music sectors (organizing performance opportunities, building media repute, finding sponsors, consultancy, building international relations, organizing and funding of master classes and competitions, etc.)

– teaching the young ones, young people to be able to enjoy more complex (classical) music, developing their competence (exclusive music classes with young musicians, targeted events, youth concerts, etc.)

– supporting orchestras, choirs, music groups built of young people (like the Jeunesses Choir, like the Moltopera Opera Company, or the Sándor Végh String Quartet competition, etc.)

Participation in international projects like the JM World Orchestra, the World Youth Choir or the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, just to name a few.

– organizing master classes and competitions (professors holding them for example were Frigyes Sándor, Sándor Falvai, Miklós Perényi, Attila Némethy, András Ligeti and many more)

The aim of the association is providing kids and young people with after school musical activities, educating them to better understand music, cultivating talents and fostering international relationships. Jeunesses Musicales Hungary does cultural activities, that benefit the public and it makes sure, that anyone could be able to benefit from its services. It helps students, who are interested in music, or who already learn music, it takes part in cultivating talents by putting special emphasis on students in vocational training and on entrants in music teaching. Jeunesses Musicales Hungary contributes to as many young people getting to know and like valuable music as possible; it helps young people who like music getting closer to each other both nationally and internationally. This way the association contributes to the humane education of young people, to the development of relationships between artists and audiences.

Jeunesses Musicales Hungary by building on its members’ unprompted self-activities, connects with the systems of the national community education and with music education in schools. To follow through its goals, the association works closely with various youth and musical associations, institutions not only in Hungary, but abroad as well. For the sake of its activities it possesses with the rights of international artist distribution and event organizing. The association as the Hungarian member of FIJM takes part in the international association’s work, it represents the Hungarian youth’s music life on the forums and vocational committees, keeps contact with other countries’ JM sections. The association pays special attention to the music education and to the socialization of children, young people with disabilities or children, young people with underprivileged social background.